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Monday, June 4, 2012

Part Two: The Festival of Bites

I love going to festivals obviously, but this is one of my favorite reasons why:

Educated people sat in ergonomic chairs around a smooth wood-grain conference room table and brainstormed about this banana. Someone suggested “Jazz Age Banana,” but was shot down.

A co-worker countered with “Sweeney Todd Banana,” but it was met with disinterest.

That guy no one likes wrote “Don Draper Banana” on the whiteboard with a marker. That guy that everyone likes erased it slowly without saying anything.

“Village People Banana” was cost prohibitive because, as it turns out, novelty-sized cowboy hats and feathered headdresses are more expensive than you think.

Then the recently promoted lady who always wears scarves simply said “Rasta Banana.” And it was suddenly crystal clear why she got that promotion. Nailed it.

Among the things I firmly do not like are banana flavored things that are not bananas, every single parking enforcement agent in Southern California, and meals not followed by dessert-which apparently to a lot of people means breakfast.

BUT, at their very simplest, that is what birthdays are for. They are for not having the things you don’t want, and for having many things that you do. For me that means food, family phone calls, and friends. And when I’m really lucky, it also means festivals where I can eat a specialty item, then ride on something high into the sky after narrowly meeting the height requirement.